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Get on the right track in 90 days. Sell more of your work online.

Unreal Conceptions is the name of my company where I create digital manipulations. It’s also the name of the Facebook group where marketing and creativity are discussed. Part of Unreal Conceptions involves consultations with me for 90 days, designed to re-calibrate your creative strengths and communicate them to your core audience. This is the page you are on now.

Jordan Ewert Profile 2020My name is Jordan Ewert and I’ve spent the last decade taking pictures and running a photography business. Before I worked with my first 100 clients I was all over the place, using shotgun marketing and taking jobs from anyone who found me. Now I sell my work online and make money with passive income strategies.

My story

When I was working with clients locally as a photographer, it was fun at first, and don’t get me wrong I still love to do it. However, I was feeling burned out about the type of jobs I was accepting. The more I focused on money the fewer opportunities seemed to present themselves.

Was I looking in the wrong place?

After a couple years wandering around, it felt like all the creativity was drained from my mind. Feeling like I had no other choice, I decided to pursue my Master’s degree. In 2016 I graduated, with a Master of Fine Arts in Photography, and I was determined to understand the art world. I was determined to understand how to sell and market myself. There was a gap in my education from how the real wold operates.

When it came to figuring out marketing early on, I thought I had it all figured out, until I finally decided to strategize and research what actually works. 

One thing I don’t like to see is creative professionals struggle with their focus. You know, the up and down cycle of “creativity.” Maybe you have writers block, maybe you lack energy, or feel like you don’t have an “original” idea in your head. Maybe you struggle with the concept of marketing and feel that it’s too complicated to understand. If you’re struggling to get clients and have fallen into the trap “If you build it, they will come”, you know where I’m coming from.

What you get when we work together

My 90 day consultation is designed to re-calibrate your creative strengths and communicate them to your core audience.

  • Avatar adjustments for creative professionals
  • Mindset & reframing techniques
  • Effective referral strategies for selling work online
  • Boilerplate templates (release forms, etc)

How could you find out who and where to sell your work? Who are the kinds of people who purchase the kind of work you create? I will help you better navigate searching and discovering people who may be in your target audience.  If you decide to work with me, I’ll be sending weekly materials via your email and provide you a custom link to your new dashboard, which helps you organize and manage sales. Over your journey, you will learn how to build a solid social media audience online. The key components we will measure together are consistency and growth. To make this truly work, you have to be committed. Because of the level of detail that goes into each training I can only take on a few clients at a time.

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